Weight Loss Belt, Does It Work?

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Weight Loss Belt Does it work

Every year, the weight loss industries in several countries make billions weight loss belts and sell them to help people get rid of their body fat. The distributors of weight loss belts or waist belts claim that their products will help you to reduce fat around your waistline and take inches off it. But many people doubt it and wonder about weight loss belt, does it work? To answer this question, take a look at how it actually works

How Does Weight Loss Belt Work?

Generally, the products do two processes. It compresses the fat cells. This process stimulates sweating and this is considered to reduce the body weight. In fact, the belts work as the other girdles that compress fat cells temporarily. Of course, it gives you slimmer waist effect but it doesn’t mean you are losing weight. You still keep the same amount of fat as at the beginning before wearing the belt.

Weight loss belt, which is actually similar to waist belt or girdle, make you sweat more in the covered or compressed area than you would normally. Due to retaining less water in the covered area, it reduces your waistline. You might lose weight temporarily. But, it is because of the water loss. Your body weight will be as normal as before after you get enough hydration.

So, still wondering about the function of weight loss belt, does it work if you wear it all the time? No, this belt won’t make you lose weight. It is only a temporary illusion it creates weight loss impression. So, wearing it in some special events such as party, wedding, reunion, where you need to wear clothes that accentuate your body shape, it is really helpful.

How to Prove That Belly Fat Burner Belt Doesn’t Work to Burn Fat?

Many brands of weight loss belt promise that when you wear this product on your abdomen, your waistline fat will melt away, leaving a curvy body shape. An internal heat mechanism in the belt is said to have sauna effect to help the fat burning process.

The manufacturer recommends the consumer to wear the waist belt or belly fat burner belt during a variety of activities including workout, walking, jogging, or cycling. Actually, the reduction of your waist size is a result of the exercise or workout itself rather than from wearing the waist belt. It can be proven by putting on the waist belt during your workout to test whether it would speed up the burning process of the calorie. A metabolic analyzer is used to track and calculate a number of calories burnt while the consumer is jogging. Many people had tried it and it is proven that there were no big differences in calories burned.

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So, the conclusion, the key to weight loss lies in the amount of burned calorie from activities, not a usage of weight loss belt. Getting at least 30 minutes or workout or aerobic exercise is recommended. An effective diet plan based on the nutrition balance is also helpful to achieve the ideal weight you expect.

I Have Purchased a Weight Loss Belt, Does it Work for Shaping Waist Temporary Only?

Since there is no any clinical study or actual science that can be an evidence to support the belly fat burner belt or a kind of it, then it should be avowed that wearing weight loss belt is not proven to effectively lose weight. However, it is appreciated to make the body, especially midsection, to sweat more and compress it to give the slimmer illusion.

Anyhow, if you keep deciding to drop more weight by using weight loss belt, you are suggested to purchase a product that is supported by valid clinical testing that gives you a comfortable feeling to wear it. But the point of weight loss goal is not to trust the claim of particular product easily before you obtain several valid pieces of evidence based on a clinical study. If you have already purchased weight loss belt, don’t ever think that you spent money in vain. You can still wear it to complete your effort to lose weight. As it is suggested, these products are recommended to use during exercise, workout, and other fitness activities. So, just do it and see the result.