Stomach Balloon Weight Loss Cost

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Stomach Balloon Weight Loss Cost

Stomach balloon or as we know as gastric balloon is a very effective weight loss surgery at reducing appetite and improving feelings of fullness (or satiety) after eating. The amount of weight loss to be expected is specific to each device; but in general, most gastric balloons will achieve 15-20% TBWL (Total Body Weight Loss) on average.

No matter which gastric balloon is inserted, they will work in the same way. Most women will approximately lose 2-4 kg in the first week after doing gastric balloon surgery and most men will lose 4 – 8kg. After 1 – 2 weeks, your appetite may start to return but is typically blunted, and when you do eat, you will get full easily. In this article, I am going to show how much money you have to spent if you want to lose weight by doing gastric balloon. These are stomach ballon weight loss cost and also the reviews that might help you.

1. Orbera Gastric Balloon, Cost: $4,150

ORBERA is a clinically proven, non-surgical approach to weight loss and is used at GBA as part of a comprehensive weight loss program involving regular. The Orbera balloon was first approved for use and introduced into Australia in 2004 and was originally known as the “BIB”. It was the first effective gastric balloon and has the longest track record of any available gastric balloon. This balloon has been used by this clinic since it was established. Orbera balloons have been inserted by the doctors. The soft inflatable silicone balloon is placed in your stomach, without surgery, for the first six months of your weight loss program. The Orbera helps to encourage good eating behaviors and portion control.

2. Spatz3 gastric balloon $6,150

Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical procedure available for weight loss. It is used at GBA as part of a comprehensive 12 or 18-month weight loss program involving regular, ongoing reviews with specialist doctors, dietitians and psychologists to deliver maximum weight loss. While most gastric balloons only stay in your stomach for six months, the Spatz3 balloon can stay for up to twelve months.

The Spatz3 balloon is the only balloon which is adjustable. It means, your doctor can decide to make the device bigger which is used to reduce appetite/improve satiety and improve weight loss or to reduce symptoms or side effects as often as is needed while the balloon is implanted.

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GBA is the only clinic in Australia trained in the use of the Spatz3 system. First thing first, the soft adjustable silicone balloon is placed in your stomach using a gastroscope camera without the need for surgery in a twenty-five-minute procedure. And then the gastric balloon is filled with sterile saline to a volume determined by the doctor. Your procedure will be completed in a day hospital facility under sedation and you will generally be discharged within a few hours of the procedure.

3. Sleeve gastroplasty $7,550

ESG or gastric sleeve surgery is the term given to a new weight loss procedure pioneered at the Mayo Clinic in 2012, and now in use in a number of centers around the world. ESG is a non-surgical and is performed by a specialist doctor using endoscopic techniques in accredited hospitals under general anesthesia. Once you are asleep, the specialist inserts a camera through the mouth and into the stomach via a protective tube, that protects the esophagus (food pipe) from injury.

This procedure takes approximately 60 minutes to perform and the patient is able to be discharged from hospital on the same day. When the stitches are not dissolvable, the stitches will loosen or come undone after several years. This can happen with vomiting or over-eating. While this is not dangerous at all, this may decrease the effectiveness of the procedure over the course of several years. One study has indicated that for people whose BMI is between 30 – 40, this procedure performs as well as a surgical sleeve in terms of weight loss over 18 months. ESG is designed to be permanent. However, the stitches can be removed when the stomach return to full volume. The procedure is relatively new, having been developed in 2012. The data shows persistent weight loss out to 3 years. However, It is expected that there may be some weight regain if the stitches loosen or break. It can be prevented by avoidance of overeating and vomiting.

Those are some stomach balloon weight loss cost and also the reviews as your consideration before you decide to do gastric balloon surgery.