Best Plant-Based Protein Powder For Weight Loss

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Plant Based Protein Powder

Everybody knows that human body needs protein. But sometimes we don’t really understand protein and what the body really needs as far as its protein requirement. Let me explain how plant-based protein works for human body and can also losing weight. The body doesn’t actually use protein. Now that might come as a shock to you. For instance, when people use animals protein, your body doesn’t use animal protein.

What the body needs is amino acids and so what the body does is to digest and break down protein into usable amino acids. When you eat meat there’s a lot of stress and effort on digestion.It takes a lot of stomach acid to break that meat down. So, the best way to get protein is through plants. There’s less effort to be broken down and digested. There are less acid waste by-products to be broken down. Even doctors always courage many people who have kidney issues or diabetes to stop eating meat because all of the acids waste that the meat produces. So we can get good sources of protein from plants.

Nuts and seed are great sources to get protein. That’s what most common one now used in a lot of their plant protein powder because it has the essential amino that the body needs. If you’re dealing with any kind of heath issue or struggling in losing weight or belly fat, you should eat more plant-based protein. Now let me just show you the easiest way to get protein by consuming these 5 best plants based protein powder for weight loss.

1. Orgain Organic Protein

Orgain organic protein is the best plant based protein powder for weight loss. this protein powder can blend very smoothly. It has the vanilla flavor. It’s will be so nice if you blend it together with some orange juice. This organic protein can make you feel full. There are about five grams of organic fiber and 21 grams of protein. When you are so busy at work or you don’t really have time to snack, you can make smoothies and put this organic organic protein into your breakfast.

2. Vega Smoothie

Vega smoothie is also the best whey protein for weight loss. Vega smoothie protein powder is a little bit different with other types of protein powder because of this like an all-in -one. This has not just protein but it has healthy fats, green blends and it has papaya base digestive enzyme which makes it really great for kids. Vega smoothie proteins are made exclusively from natural plant-based ingredients.They are gluten dairy and soy free and no sugar added. They are great for those of you who looking for a high-quality plant-based protein for your diet. It has a lower price point so if you’re looking for something more basic that your whole family can use to lose weight then go with vega smoothie.

3. Vega One

If you have a normal pattern of working out such as running or lifting weight or yoga or lots of extracurricular activities, the vega one is truly best whey protein for you. It does not only taste great but it’s really hard to beat the nutritional profile. Not only you get 15 grams of protein per serving but you also get three servings of greens, one and a half grams of omega 3s which we all need as well as the digestive enzymes and fifty percents of vitamins and minerals for an adult body. You can add this vegan protein into your yogurt or smoothies.

4. Earth Protein

Earth Protein is an amazing vegan protein powder for weight loss. It is dairy free protein. This plant based protein powder is free from ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions. It utilizes organic Brown Rice Protein and 100% organic Canadian Yellow Pea Protein as protein sources. It is the best plant based protein powder for weight loss and an ideal protein to assist recovery as well as muscle maintenance and growth.

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I strongly believe it’s a great protein powder for vegans and those who are looking for vegan proteins as part of a healthy diet. The combination of pea and rice protein makes Earth Protein a great substitute for weight loss program. Earth protein contains full balanced spectrum of 18 amino acids which cannot be gained from either in isolation. This protein powder is ideal for muscle growth, recovery, and repair.