Omega 3 Fish Oil For Weight Loss Benefits

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Omega 3 fish oil weight loss that is very essential should come from the foods you eat because your body can not produce it. However, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, essential fats from foods are not completed by Americans. In Clinical Science, according to a report in 2009, this essential fat can help improve the body’s ability to metabolize fat and eliminate fat accumulation.

In Physiological Research, according to a study in 2013, obesity in mice which are fed a high-fat diet can be prevented by omega-3 fatty acid supplements. The same high-fat diet effect in mice’s body composition that is with or without omega-3 fatty acid supplements are compared by the study. Better blood sugar, better cholesterol, lower blood lipid levels, and less body fat are obtained by the mice which consume this essential fat.

I. Benefits of Omega 3 fish oil

Benefits of Omega 3 fish oil

Benefits of Omega 3 fish oil to lose weight :

• The extra calories you eat are burned out for energy instead of being stored for later use (as body fat) is a benefit of Omega 3 EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) acids. They also lower your insulin levels.
• All sources of omega 3 can burn body fat faster and increase your metabolic rate because they are anti-lipogenic (they block fat storage in your body).
• Omega 3 fish oil burns extra calories rather than storing it because it reduces cortisol level that is a stress-related hormone which causes it.
• Omega 3 fatty acid has been proven to increase your body’s ability to burn more fat because it improves blood flow to muscles while exercising.
• Omega 3 from foods or omega 3 from supplements will make you have more energy and boost to exercise because it controls low blood sugar levels.
• The fat burning ability of liver can be increased by omega three fatty acid.

To lose weight, burn fat and build muscle, you may need omega 3 fish oil weight loss. To fat loss and muscle building, popping a few omega 3 fish oil capsules every day can help you. Take enough every day is something you need to do. The following study shows how many its benefits.

In this study, every day for 6 weeks, about 2 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are consumed by subjects. At the end of the study, they lost more than 2 lbs. About 1 pound is the body fat that is obtained by the subjects. On the other hand, they do not do anything else to lose weight such as changing their diet and doing exercise. Taking some high dosage of omega 3 fish oil capsules daily is necessary.

Suppressing your appetite is can be done by taking omega 3 fish oil capsules weight loss which containing omega 3. Taking some fish oil capsules after you eat can help you feel full longer than between meal times. Women who do this eat less and feel full longer after eating.

This is proven in a study. Without feeling hungry and suffering from the hunger that occurs when you diet, you will be able to lose weight over time. Fish oil that contains omega 3 is able to control a release of a chemical that is called serotonin so that it helps you stay full longer. Your appetite and mood will be regulated by serotonin.

The benefit of antidepressant of omega 3 fish oil will also be obtained from this effect. These medical benefits of fish oil also allow omega 3 fish oil stop a sugar craving.

II. Omega 3 Fish Oil Weight Loss Dosage

Omega 3 Fish Oil Weight Loss Dosage

Most fish oil supplements contain 1000mgs. While a dosage for omega 3 fish oil which is recommended is 6 grams per day containing DHA, EPA, and Omega-3. Start with 6 capsules per day and increase regularly depending on your results and for an optimal result of weight loss. Try to find lemon-flavor if you do not like its taste. Remember to take it from your foods.

III. How to Choose Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

Choose omega 3 fish oil supplements that contain high-quality Omega 3 to get the best result.
• Make sure the brand of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements you take contains also omega-6 (EPA and DHA).
• Choose omega 3 fish oil supplements with 750 mg EPA and DHA per capsule that is ideal.
• Make sure your supplements do not expire.
• Also, make sure your brand does not contain pesticides or heavy metals.

IV. Where to Buy Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

• vitamin shoppe
• online at
• omega 3 fish oil supplements are available in most grocery stores.

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Omega 3 fish oil weight loss supplements that contain Omega-3 fatty acids seem to offer medical benefits, especially for obesity. It might be worth to add Omega 3 fish oil to your daily menu. Find the right omega 3 fish oil supplements for you. Choose omega 3 fish oil supplements with the highest quality.