Is Planet Fitness a Franchise?

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Is planet Fitness Franchise

What is Planet Fitness? Is Planet Fitness a Franchise? You might have been familiar with this brand of a fitness club. Planet fitness based in Newington, New Hampshire, US. It is a huge American fitness franchise that markets itself and now it has already had more than 1300 clubs located across the US. It even already expanded into the Dominican Republic and Canada. Each club provides a number of exercise equipment and fitness instructors to guide and assist its members. Moreover, it also provides Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays for all types of memberships.

When Did The Planet Fitness Start?

Planet Fitness was established in 1992. Michael Grondahl, the founder started it from a struggling gym. He gave cheaper prices to the member of his gym to get more customers and members, competed the more popular Fitness center brands. He focused on the maximum services for all the members, including the beginners.

Then, it refined the brand for years before going to franchise expansion in 2003. Now, it is noted as one of 5 top best gym franchises in America. Planet Fitness franchise now has more than 8.9million members. Thus, it is well known as one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in America.

Planet Fitness Membership

How much is Planet Fitness membership price? The cost depends on the membership you take. It offers two types of memberships. You can select the $10 per month or $ 19 per month. If you choose the second one, you get the Black Card membership that allows you to get some benefits. Some benefits you will get include T-shirt, unlimited access to the home club, unlimited fitness training, a half price cooler drinks, unlimited access to use massage chairs, and much more. You will get the other exclusive benefits as well. They are free haircuts, unlimited hydro massage, and unlimited body enhancement. However, those who pay $10 per month also get a t-shirt, unlimited access to home club and unlimited fitness training.

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In Planet Fitness, the learning process, especially for new members, will be much noticed since it is a critical thing. The functioning team is created by developing the training program. Furthermore, the members will not feel intimidated since it offers a judgment-free zone. What is a judgment-free zone? It means, the system will no push you to follow certain exercise. It doesn’t matter if you never use a squat machine or other machines. The point is you can work out on your way, use your rights to comfort yourself. Just take advantages of the unlimited fitness training programs.

Planet Fitness Franchise Cost

Those who have joined in Planet Fitness membership for months or years might feel lots of perks. This gym also offers a franchise partnership. Is it easy to own Planet Fitness franchise? Is it possible? Of course, if you have a financial power. If you are planning to have a franchise business, you should follow some requirements that are might not as stringent as the other companies. For the smaller gyms, it requires at least 25,000 residents for each five miles and a $20,000 franchise fee. Furthermore, Planet Fitness charges a 5 percents royalty per year. Those who want to join in its franchise must sign up for at least 10 years. The club should employ 13-18 employees per location on average.

To own the franchise of Planet fitness, at least you should invest $853,390 to $3,669,150 for the disclosure. This amount includes 15 sections that should exist in the fitness franchise. Some of them are site selection cost ($1,000-$3,000), leasehold improvements ($619,000 to $1,561,750), fitness equipment ($35,990 to $839,400), Non-fitness equipment ($10,000-$285,000), and other supporting items.

Is Planet Fitness a Good Gym?

Planet Fitness has partnerships with third-party institutions, companies or sources that offer financial powers to support its service and development. Therefore, considering its rapid growth, it is worth it for all several ranges of ages. It is quite easy to see that Planet Fitness caters to the new members through its marketing systems. It also offers an affordable monthly payment and tries to make a non-intimidating environment. So, is planet fitness a good gym? It depends on your qualifications of a gym. However, if you are not a beginner, it doesn’t seem to be a right fitness since there is not enough free weight equipment.