Fit Tea Pills Side Effects

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Fit Tea Pills Side Effects

If you want to lose some weight for your body with simple way, why not try some a slimming tea called fit tea? Fit tea is a tea in form of drinking tea or pills supplement that made by a company with the same name. It is said that consuming fit tea pills could improve your metabolism and replenish your depleted energy for your daily need. Not only that, fit tea also able to remove toxins that could harm your body out from your body and serve as an anti-aging pill.

There are many ingredients of it tea pills, from green tea to Oolong Wu Yi. Each Ingredient has several side effects, either positive fit tea side effects or negative fit tea side effects. If you read this article, there will be the review about the kinds of fit tea pills along with the fit tea pills side effect for the body. It might be useful for you who want to consume a simple supplement but highly effective for the body.

1. Green Tea Fit Tea Pills

The green tea fit tea made from leaves of camellia Sinensis and steamed it to get its extract. It is considered as the most popular fat burner pills which compete for its popularity against others fat burner supplement. The positive green tea fat burner side effects are reducing your blood and cholesterol, reducing your chance of cancer and assisting your internal limbs in digesting things that enter your body.

However, this supplement mostly consists of caffeine which is dangerous if being overly consumed. The effect of caffeine is a pain in the head, feeling burning in the chest area, irritation on the skin and dizziness. Another dangerous side effect of this supplement is that it could cause anemia. So, think twice before buying it and do not attract with its positive side only.

2. Pomegranate Pills

It is said that pomegranate has lots of advantages in protecting the body, especially against inflammation and reducing the weight. The fit tea pills made from pomegranate plant are able to lose weight and reducing the appetite, so it could minimize the food intake to your body.

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However, like most of other supplements, it has several side effects from consuming fit tea pills made from pomegranate plants. Some of the health reports said that consuming fit tea pomegranate ended with an allergic reaction. Another report said that it takes a long time to see the weight loss effect. Fortunately, a pomegranate supplement pill is considered to be safe to consume, since the report of allergic is not really much.

3. Fit Tea from Ginger

Ginger is known for its flavor and medical purpose. Ginger could help curing several diseases like nausea, digesting problems, and acids in the guts. Since it has the ability to increase the temperature of the body, it supposes to reduce your calories due to the metabolism upgrade and regressed appetite.

Identical with pomegranate pills, ginger is considered to be safe to consume. There is less report caused by the negative side effects of ginger fit tea pills. However, it cannot be used for pregnant women because of its strong heat pain in the chest from its mild side effects. Furthermore, it also could cause diarrhea and discomfort feeling in the gut area. It is recommended for those who want to consume this fit tea to consult with the professional.

4. Oolong Wu Yi Slimming Tea

The side effect of Oolong Wu Yi is identical as the green tea fit tea pills because Oolong Wu Yi has lots of caffeine in its ingredients. Thus, the side effect could be related to caffeine-based effects, such as insomnia, diarrhea, and pain in the head. Furthermore, if you are a pregnant woman and want to consume Oolong Wu Yi, make sure to consult with professional first.

That is all the review of about the kinds of fit tea pills and its positive and negative side effects. The fit tea is a human stuff, made by human and come from ingredients on earth. It is normal for any human product to have strong points and weakness. You could take the fit tea pills to reduce your weight but do not forget to consider it side effect. Choose wisely based on your body if you want to try this fit tea.