Best Wearable Fitness Tracker

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Best Wearable Fitness Tracker

It is getting more important to have the best wearable fitness tracker if you have improved your awareness of health. A fitness tracker is an extraordinary technology to track your daily activity, workout, and exercise maximally and with the great accuracy. It can be said as an electronic strap that works on the pulse to measure your physiological condition such as heart rate and sleep quality.

The best wearable fitness tracker shouldn’t be just affordable. All types of these technology devices should be versatile, eye-catching, sophisticated and smart. The point of these activity trackers is to give detail description and data about how good and active your lifestyle is. However, each fitness tracker doesn’t offer all aspects you need. Some of the trackers might be great for certain features such as GPS running and advanced heart rate measurement while the other trackers offer a music store, sleep quality measurement, and maximum oxygen uptake data.

Be smart buyers by comparing some fitness tracker reviews before you decided what type of tracker you are going to purchase. Here, we show some details of the top fitness trackers this year. The details reviews will help you to make sure about the most needed features.

The Top Fitness Trackers Reviews

1. Fitbit Alta HR

About the appearance, the Fitbit Alta HR is very slim and stylish. The design is very compatible for those who are very active but want to be casual. It has an all-day fitness and heart rate tracking with 7-day battery life. The combination of the long battery life, charming design, and advanced software application makes this Fitbit to the best wearable fitness tracker people are looking for. Other than its stylish slim design, there are several other aspects that make it well worth to be chosen include having the basic phone notifications, continuous heart rate, steps, calories burned, and of course distance tracker.

However, there are also the limitations of this device. Please note that Fitbit Alta HR is not water resistant, do you can’t wear it as a swimming tracker. It also doesn’t have a relax mode and incompatible with climbing activities.

2. Withings Steel HR

If you always consider about the lightweight, this fitness watch is incredibly light that allows you to stay comfortable whether you are wearing it casually or during exercise. It comes with a silicone and leather straps. The silicone is trendy and casual, while the leather one is classy. But, the leather is not really good and comfortable for running and other sweaty exercises. It possesses the monochrome screen to display the information that sits only for a few seconds on the screen. It is also able to inform some notifications from social media like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger if you connect it to your mobile device.

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Have been sure about its design, now need to explore the feature. Withings steel HR provides the sleep quality, steps, heart rate checker with an accurate heart rate monitor. The most impressive feature of this device is that it boasts a 25-day battery life. Though Withings steel HR is considered as an expensive device, but it offers you gorgeous design, more than what a normal fitness tracker offers. That is why it is always on the list of the top fitness trackers

3. Misfit Ray

At a glance, Misfit Ray looks like a bracelet. But actually, it is an awesome technology that people can wear on their wrist. If you tend to consider about the simplicity, this fitness tracker is trustable. With an impressive design, it is very nice to perform stylish and trendy even when you are having exercise. However, maybe it doesn’t promise to gain a competitive edge for fitness enthusiasts who need specific qualifications. But, if it is your first effort to get fitter or you are looking to increase your activity levels, it will be a nice choice.

The ray in this device automatically begins to track your activities, but applying some labels like tennis and basketball manually is needed. It is one of its minus points. Another shortage of Misfit Ray is it doesn’t provide an expectable GPS, tracking capabilities or anything fancy.

Since there are huge selections of top fitness trackers, it would be better to choose the device that offers the most tracking capabilities based on your activities. If you don’t go for swimming routinely, you don’t have to consider the water-resistant fitness tracker or watch. How sophisticated the tech is, it is not able to provide all people need.