Best Fitness Trackers 2017

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best fitness tracker

The best fitness tracker will be considered of your daily needs and how active your lifestyle is. Some people will just look for step counting and reliable sleep tracking, but the others want the additional such as GPS for running, advanced resting heart rate and VO2 max data. The awesome news is that there’s something out there for everybody.

Best fitness trackers 2017 : Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Withings, and more

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Hi there, we’ve completely reworked our roundup of the best fitness trackers and inserted a fresh at-a-glance feature list to try and make it easier to spot the right band for you.

– Garmin fitness trackers Vivosmart HR+

The first site of best fitness trackers 2017 Vivosmart HR+, it reviews crash the record for the whole time high score for fitness trackers and for an attractive reason: it’s all-singing, all dancing and added with tech.
The Vivosmart HR+ presents a great mix of activity, heart rate and also GPS tracking, which makes it a no-brainer for those who are thinking about a Fitbit but nonplussed by the idea of taking a phone along for a run.
Run stats are a little light – if you would like more than pace, distance or basic HR data then you’ll need to head into proper GPS running watch territory.
Feature present: Steps, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, GPS.
Wearable verdict: Garmin Vivosmart HR+ review
General price: $179.99

Best general fitness tracker

– Fitbit Charge 2

As the second of Best fitness trackers 2017, the usual steps and sleep tracking – all logged within Fitbit’s superb app – the Charge 2 tracks heart rate continuously, monitors resting heart rate and now rates VO2 Max, a scientific gauge of fitness. New breathing training to combat stress adds to a stellar line-up of wellness features – so why isn’t it topping the table?
Anyhow, if general well-being is your priority than getting sweaty at the gym, the Charge 2 is one of the strongest devices on the market.
Feature present: Steps, sleep monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, breathing training, and VO2 Max.
Wearable verdict: Fitbit Charge 2 review
General price: $149.95

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Best Fitness Tracker for wellness

– Withings Steel HR

Hybrid smartwatches have a tendency to be a little light on hardcore fitness features, but not the Withings Steel HR (or soon to be Nokia).
The top-notch heart rate monitor underneath the stainless steel case keeps tabs on your ticker 24/7 and checks the data into the award-winning Withings Health Mate app. And what’s make more impressive is that the Steel HR still stay alive until 25-day, putting the likes of Fitbit to shame in both the design and longevity departments.

Steps, sleep and calories are all recorded accurately, and with a long press of the button, the Steel HR jumps into running watch mode to track distance and heart rate zones – even though not added by GPS, it’s nowhere near a Garmin replacement.
Feature present: Steps, sleep, 24/7 heart rate, 25-day battery.
General cost: $179.95

Best Fitness Tracker for simplicity

– Misfit Ray

If you look for the traditional design, stylish, and sleek, Misfit will be matched. Its provide circular Shine tracker to offer something a little more discreet.
The Misfit Ray offers steps and sleep tracking, all within Misfit’s sleek and clean app, and will alert users to messages and calls from a paired smartphone.
As far as customization goes, there are an amount of decent strap options from Misfit, and it can also be worn as a pendant. This, mixed with strong fitness tracking and a smart price, it means you can’t go wrong.
Feature present: Steps, sleep, buzzes for smartphone notifications.
General price: $99.95

Best Fitness Tracker for a minimal budget

– Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Stylish not always expensive, nowadays available outside China, the Mi Band 2 might not be as cheap and cheerful as its predecessor the Pulse, but now it is add in an OLED display to check in on your stats. For the sub-$50 cost, it still manages to pack heart rate monitoring onto the wrist for an astonishing cost.

Xiaomi has shifted more than a million of its bands in China alone, making this possibly one of the best budget fitness trackers ever.
Feature present: HR tracking, steps, sleep, smart alarms, incoming call alerts.