5 Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming

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best fitness tracker for swimming

Are you a person who loves water sport than the other sports? If the answer is yes, then start seeking the best waterproof fitness tracker. It is because you need a special device that is designed for swimming to track some specific data while you are in the water activity.

There are several reasons why you need the waterproof activity tracker such as keeping track your activity progress, helping to set some realistic goals, monitoring and managing your health and encouraging you to stay motivated. Considering these reasons, have you thought to invest in the best fitness tracker for swimming?

Truth is that there are many waterproof fitness trackers are not able to track some specific data. However, though it is hard enough to find the best waterproof fitness tracker, there are some references you need to know in choosing the best fitness tracker for swimming.

Several Aspects to Consider the Best Fitness Tracker for Swimming

There are several aspects to consider in choosing waterproof fitness tracker for your water activity. To fulfill all your need, make sure the fitness tracker have the qualifications below :

1. Has At Least Some Main Performance Functions

Your waterproof activity tracker should have a counter of calories consumption, stroke rate sensor, stroke count and a distance measurement. The stopwatch functionality should be considered as a key performance function. If it already possesses these main functions, of course, you will be able to explore your performance in swimming clearly.

2. Design and Software

To get the best waterproof activity tracker for swimming, considering the most crucial feature, which is the waterproof rating, is a must. An activity tracker device should possess the ATM standards as well as an IP waterproof class. ATM is the atmosphere pressure unit that will show you how effective it is in restraining the water pressure in a specific depth. Thus, you will know clearly how well it is protected from water effect. For reference, a device which is rated with 1 ATM means that it is water resistant to ten and up meters of depth or 390 psi water pressure.

Another aspect to consider is a comfort. You need an easy to use and comfortable waterproof activity tracker to wear for swimming as well as giving an accurate tracking. Based on the way to wear, you can choose whether it is a wrist watch, ankle strap or headband.

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5 Recommended and Best Fitness Trackers for Swimming

1. Garmin Vívoactive

This tool offers the high qualifications you expect for. It includes built-in GPS, versatile since it can be used for running and other broad range of activities as well. When you wear it, you will be able to develop and maintain a better and healthier lifestyle. It is also comfortable for daily wear. As a futuristic innovation, it is completed with direct sunlight reader and high-resolution color touch screen. One more plus point is it is lightweight so it is really comfortable to wear. For another water activity like diving, it is also possible since it is water-resistant until 50 meters depth (5 ATM).

2. Apple Watch Series 2

Waterproofing is one of the headline features for this fitness tracker. Along with waterproofing, a built-in GPS is also a dependable feature. Exploring the design, this apple watch series 2 is designed in stainless steel paired with a metal strap or leather. At a glance, it is a sports watch that looks classy, doesn’t look like a sports watch. Generally, the main purpose of a sports watch is to make statement and description, and Apple watches series 2 offers more than that. How about the weight? It is created in extra lightweight and comfortable design. So, don’t worry about having an arm ache. It is also compatible for women who are not interested in an oversized wrist watch.

3. Polar V800

This device includes smart coaching and GPS for athletes. It can be said as one of the best waterproof activity trackers for swimming. It tracks your detail swimming performance and detects your swimming style automatically. You will be able to measure your heart rate even under water since it has an integrated GPS and dual-mode transmitter. Polar V800 is one of the most favorite choices for professional athletes.

4. Swimnovate Poolmate Live

It is a solid swim watch to help counting your laps, calories, speeds, efficiency, stroke rate, and durations. It is compatible for both open water swimming and pool though it doesn’t have an integrated GPS tracker. By wearing this swim watch, it will be easier to increase some goals such as increasing the number of laps and shortening the particular time interval.

5. TomTom Multi Sport GPS

It is an incredibly cool smart watch for pool training you are expecting for. This wearable tech totally helps you to track your stroke count, calories burned and SWOLF score. It also calculates the distance you have reached. Please note that this device works better for the pool than for open water.