What Is A Fitbit and How Do I Get Started?

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what is a fitbit and how do i get started

Have you heard about Fitbit? It is an American company that creates fitness trackers. They release several types of products with the same name (Fitbit) with different details and features. But the purpose of these products is to track the users’ activities. Thus, if we are talking about Fitbit, it means that we refer to the devices called activity trackers. These devices are wireless-enabled wearable technology that is able to measure and inform some important data such as the number of steps, the sleep quality, heart rate, and other personal measurements are related to fitness. At the first, they created Fitbit Tracker.

Furthermore, Fitbit offers a website and mobile applications that enable you to use them even without the Fitbit Tracker. However, purchasing them is recommended. These devices are also completed with a USB dongle to copy data to the account.

What Does a Fitbit Do?

Fitbit is designed to help people to be more active, change their unhealthy lifestyles, and sleep better. Therefore, by wearing it, the users turn into the healthier human being. Fitbit is evolving from the first time it was released in 2008. It was a hardware and software perspective to be a more sophisticated wearable tech with an altimeter. The function of the altimeter is to measure and inform about how much elevation you gain or lose in a day. If you do a climbing activity, for example climbing the stairs or uphill road, you burn more calories than if you’d walked the same distance on a flat road. It is obviously valuable information.

Answering on what does a Fitbit do, there are lots of things it can do other than tracking mileage. Here are the things it does how it does.

1. To Control Your Diet

Fitbit is able to track every single food flake that passes your mouth since it has a bar code scanners, meal shortcuts, calorie estimators and large food database. These features are very helpful to track every gain or loss of calorie.

2. Sleep Tracking

Set the alarm on Fitbit. Then, you will see how many times you have had a sleeping problem. See how long you have slept as well. You can track the patterns and get a better sleep and a better way to wake up. The gentle nudge of Fitbit will be vibrating on your wrist. Fitbit estimates your sleep stage using the combination of movements and heart rate patterns. Thus, you can figure out whether you have a Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep or Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep.

3. Time Tracking

Don’t waste your time to convince someone about the things you do every day. Just record your particular activity by putting your Fitbit into exercise/activity mode. Then, tap the Fitbit Flex rapidly until the lights flash at the beginning of your activity. At the end of the activity, tap it again rapidly to until you see 5 blinking lights.

4. Connect It with Applications

Fitbit can share information with other applications you have. For example, it can share your health and exercise information with Weight Watcher’s app if you are on it. There are plenty of apps that Fitbit plays well with; Amazon Alexa, FitStar Personal, Fitstar Yoga, Peloton, Habit, Mindbody, MyFitnessPal, Loseit, and much more.

How Do I Get Started with Fitbit?

What is a Fitbit and how do I get started? Perhaps these questions commonly come from those who never used any fitness trackers before. Knowing the general descriptions of Fitbit, the types or models and how it works, one more important thing is how you start after purchasing it.

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When you have your Fitbit for the first time, make sure that this device is charged. Next, fit your band and make sure it feels comfortable and secure. Next, it’s ready to get online. Create an account by heading to the Fitbit’s Login Page or to get the application, visit Fitbit Setup Page. If there are some troubles, just visit Fitbit help site that provides some helpful guidance. It is easy to review your activity on the computer. The step count can be found by clicking log and activities. When you are on the dashboard log section, you can enter your weight, your weight target, what you have eaten today, and even how much water you drank. Knowing the detail descriptions of Fitbit, you shouldn’t be confused and asking any longer on “what is a Fitbit and how do I get started.