7 Gluten Free Weight Loss Shakes

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gluten free meal replacement shakes

Have you seen an increasingly larger gluten-free sections at your local store? Is it a new trend? Why should somebody be gluten free? There are many different reasons and I want to start with the main reason which is celiac. Celiac is an autoimmune disorder where your body does not recognize gluten. It hasn’t digested the way it should be. And your body responds in a lot of ways to it such as stomach pain, skin rashes, and whole unpredictable things get progressively worse your body.

And the only way to alleviate the symptoms if you are celiac to completely take gluten out from your diet and if you don’t do that, your symptoms will progressively get worse. The second reason, because some people want to lose weight. Believe it or not gluten free meal is much healthier than gluten meal. There is another one that people fail to see and this is important. When you look at having food without gluten or any unprocessed natural food or anything in its original state is gluten free by nature. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds all of that are gluten free by nature.

That’s why today, I am gonna show exactly how to use gluten free properly for gluten free weight loss shakes. Shakes are very suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the vast majority are dairy-free and gluten-free. Meal replacement shakes are nutrient-packed that can be used as a meal substitute or healthy snacks. They are versatile dietary supplements used to support a wide variety of health goals such as weight loss and slimming, boosting protein and nutrient intake, staying healthy, recovering from illness or surgery. Here are some gluten free weight loss shakes that you can try at home.

1. Almond Joy Protein Shake

You can start your day with an almond joy protein shake. You will need some chocolate protein powder base, add some shredded coconut, and polish things off with sliced almonds and vanilla almond milk. This yummy shake loaded with 30 grams of protein and 310 calories that’s reminiscent of your favorite candy bar. This shake makes a great on-the-go breakfast or post-workout replenishment.

2. Chocolate and Kale Protein Shake

If you want to replace your meal into gluten free weight loss shake just try to make this chocolate kale protein shake. You can add some leafy greens to your shake and get a dose of vitamins in each sip while using a chocolate-flavored protein powder helps this shake tastes more like a dessert than a healthy drink. If you want to keep the shake vegan, you can try brown rice protein powder.

3. Cocoa Almond Protein Shake

Cocoa Almond Protein Smoothie is a great shake for weight loss. It uses no protein powder, instead this shakes relies on soy milk, vegan yogurt, almond butter and flax seeds to power you through. Adding unsweetened cocoa powder lends extra flavor without added sugar. This gluten free shake is also good for some children.

4. Green Protein Shake

When you’re too busy and short on time and energy, sometimes all it takes is one of the most replenishing protein shake recipes. This green protein shakes strays from similar drinks by using hemp hearts as its main protein source. It is combined with cucumber, fresh mint, apples, grapefruit and celery, this green shake is so creamy and healthy yet it is also very refreshing and so tasty. When you’ve tired of the same old protein shake, just give this shake a try. It’s such an amazing recipe for gluten free meal replacement shake.

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5. Chocolate Green Protein Shake

Give your kids with this protein-rich shake. Put some spinach provides the chocolate protein powder, peppermint extract and a sprinkling of chocolate chips on top. This healthy drink tastes more like a delicious dessert than a salad. Try this one in the late afternoon to boost your energy levels for an after-work gym session or as a kind of a meal preps for your kids.

6. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Protein Shake

Skip your sugar crash that accompanies sweets and indulges in this drinkable oatmeal raisin cookie instead. With just a handful of ingredients you likely have on hand, like oats, raisins/dates and flavored protein powder, you’ll have a filling taste of your favorite cookie without worrying about highs and lows.

7. Quinoa Shake

Quinoa shake is a great shake for gluten free meal replacement shake. Here, you can combine this shake with your choice of frozen berries, bananas, yogurt and honey for a naturally sweet and creamy drink that’s bursting with protein and benefits. This quinoa smoothie won’t taste a thing like quinoa. It’s so yummy and healthy.