3 Negative Fit Tea Weight Loss Detox Reviews on the Internet

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Fit Tea Weight Loss Detox Review

Tea is one of the most calming and favorite drink in the world. Tea is known for their freshness and smell that makes you feels relaxed after drinking it. Due to its popularity, many food industries have tried to make lots of product from tea, such as cracker with tea taste, black tea, milk tea, and much more. One of the most popular teas that have not only relaxing effect but also dieting and burning calories effect is called Fit Tea Weight Loss Detox.

Fit tea weight loss detox is very popular due to its calming and burning calories and fats’ effects. There are so many best detox teas around the world that being sold by lots of companies. Some promote that detox tea has fast burning calories effects; some said that detox tea could make the blood flow so easily, and many detox tea reviews on the Internet. There are many people reviewing positively about the fit tea detox tea, but there are also lots of people reviewing negatively of the fit tea detox tea. So the Fit Tea Weight Loss Detox Reviews on the internet is mixed.

People who negatively review of the fit tea weight loss detox are mostly said about its side effects. So, the question is what are the detox tea side effects that make lots of consumer comment negatively on the internet? Now, I will explain to you the negative fit tea weight loss detox reviews that people believe in the internet.

1. Detox tea cause stomachache

There are lots of detox tea companies that use senna leaf as the ingredients of detox tea. However, senna leaf does not have any good benefits to your body. In fact, the main substance in the senna leaf is mostly used as a laxative ingredient. So, if you started to feel pain and diarrhea, check the ingredients of the tea, is it using senna leaf or not. If there is a senna leaf as one of the main ingredients of the detox tea, then you bought the bad detox tea. Just think if you drink senna leaf—laxative—everyday, what will happen to your body? It will release all of your water in the body and you will be vulnerable to dehydration. It is a bold move to use senna leaf as weight loss ingredients.

2. Insomnia will be Your Friend Every Night

Another ingredient in most of the detox teas is caffeine. Why caffeine? Because caffeine has a substance that could suppress the appetite and helps to throw the waste in your stomach quickly. However, you might forget that the other effect of caffeine is it could interfere with your sleep ability. If you have less sleep time, your detox tea effect will be vanished, since good body metabolism needs a good sleep. So, even if you drink so many detox tea every day but you still have less sleep time, then you will not lose weight but keep get more weight. Think about which one is the better options.

3. Detox Tea have no Real Effect to the Body

When you first drink detox tea, what comes to your mind? Is it instant diet, or free-exercise? Your thought is out of context. Even though you drink lots of detox tea every day or even every hour, you still need to exercise. Why? Because Exercise is fat burner while detox tea is calorie burner. You need both of them in a balanced number to really losing weight. If your fat is still intact within your body, your weight will not lose. What a waste of time!

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That is the 3 negative fit tea weight loss detox reviews on the internet by detox tea users. To put it simply, whatever detox tea that you or others’ consume depends on the product of detox tea that you buy and from the correlation between your body and the detox tea effect itself. If you think that your detox tea is not a guaranteed and fake detox tea, then you should avoid consuming it for safety purposes. Furthermore, if your body is not really matched with the effect of the detox tea, then stop consuming it too because it will make your body weak. So, it is not really a recommendation to drink detox tea if you want to lose some weight.